Bed and Garden  for gardenlovers

d’Alde Coninckshof (The Old Kings Garden) lies close to the river Waal, 3 miles from Nijmegen. It’s a marvelous garden around an old farmhouse dated from 1867.

You can stay here in our B & G, a modest and comfortable place. You’ll have two rooms at your disposal: one bedroom (double bed) with tv and a room where you can sit and eat. The B & G has its own entrance, shower and toilet. A refridgerator, an oven/microwave, and equipment to make tea, coffe, boil egs and toast bread.

And of course the garden, where you can sit and enjoy various views. You can park your car on our property.


€ 73,00 for 2 persons,  excl tourist tax : € 1,50 p.p.p.n..

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